DTS-600 - Mobile Telemetry Tracking Station

The DTS-600 Mobile Telemetry Tracking Station is a dual system for telemetry data acquisition and automatic target tracking for mobile and stationary applications perfect for drone (UAV), rocket, sounding rocket, missile and general flight tests.

The system uses a 25 dBi Auto Tracking Antenna from WTW Anlagenbau GmbH.


DTS-600 is a low cost solution to be used in replacement of expensive onboard GPS and where no radar is avaiable.

Main Features:


  • Dual System:

Telemetry Data Acquisition - Real time acquiring and monitoring of parameters and events

Target Tracking - Provides azimuth, elevation and distance to determine the flight path of a target in real time

  • Light and compact portable auto tracking antenna

RF Autotrack, Slavetrack, GPS Track and Manual Track

  • Video Camera
  • IRIG-106 PCM Data Rates up to 10 Mbps
  • Receiver, Bit Synchronizer, PCM Decommutator, and Frame Synchronizer
  • PCM Simulator
  • IRIG-B Time Code Reader
  • Ethernet Gigabit
  • Storage, playback and real time data processing
  • Programmable data stored in non-volatile memory



The system performs auto-tracking of targets based on the RF signal from telemetry transmision and supplies accurate azimuth, elevation and slant range data (distance) to determine the location and flight path of a target in real time.


Tracking Modes:

RF Autotrack, Slavetrack, GPS Track and Manual Track


In addition, DTS-600 allows for viewing telemetry data through graphs and tables. It permits real-time monitoring of parameters and events, local recording, playback and data reduction for future data analysis.


Video Camera included (30x optical zoom - 12 x digital zoom)