DTS-100 -  Irig-106 PCM Decommutator

DTS-100 is an IRIG 106 class II standard 2-channell PCM Decommutator  capable of decoding  telemetry data  up to 10 Mbps rates,  suited for flight test missions.

Key Features:


  • IRIG 106 Class II Compliance
  • High speed operation up to 10 Mbps
  • Miniature rugged construction
  • Two independent PCM channels
  • Two independent PCM simulators
  • Single ended or differential input sw selectable
  • IRIG-B time acquisition
  • Ethernet Gigabit
  • Serial Async USB port
  • Decodes embedded serial async data
  • Telemetry inputs and Lock status LED indicators
  • Programmable data stored in non-volatile memory
  • DLL library for custom applications




DTS-100 permits real-time monitoring of parameters and events, in addition to local recording, playback and data reduction for future data analysis.


PCM channel 1 is connected to a serial port and can output a embedded serial async GPS data to control a tracking antenna angular position.


It may be directly plugged to the Ethernet network and delivers complete telemetry frames to the destination IPs.


DTS-100 includes two simulators capable of generating PCM serial signals in the IRIG-106 format, which can be used to test the whole system.


An IRIG-B Time Code reader provides synchronized time to decommuted PCM frames for time stamping of telemetry data. Internal extension to 1 microseconds provided.