DTS-100-SLR - Slant Range Unit

DTS-100-SLR is a Slant Range equipment able to measure the radial distance between the rocket and the telemetry station.

Main Features:


  • Payload trajectory can be generated and plotted in  real                     time when angular position is received from a tracking                       antenna 
  • IRIG 106 Class II Compliance
  • High speed operation up to 10 Mbps
  • Miniature rugged construction
  • IRIG-B time acquisition
  • Ethernet Gigabit
  • Serial Async USB port
  • One PCM and trajectory simulator
  • Programmable data stored in non-volatile memory
  • Ultra high stable OCXO time reference




DTS-100-SLR calculates the distance based on the delay of the telemetry signal reception from the rocket, which is proportional to the position of the rocket related to the ground telemetry antenna. When a tracking antenna azimuth and elevation angles are incorporated, a payload trajectory can be generated and plotted in real time over Google Earth.


DTS-100-SLR has an internal PCM Decommutator witch decodes and synchronizes (locks) the received telemetry data, identifying a sync code according the IRIG-106 standard.


An ultra high stable time reference consisting of a oven controlled crystal oscillator OCXO is provided for a reference generator.