DTS-300MB PCM Encoder


DTS-300MB PCM Encoder is a miniature programmable data acquisition system suited for rockets, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and flight test missions. The encoder transmits data in a IRIG-106 Chapter 4, fixed bit rate PCM stream.

Key Features

  • IRIG 106 Class II Compliance
  • High speed operation up to 10 Mbps
  • ±0.05 ppm bit rate stability
  • Asynchronous Data Rates up to 1.5 Mbps
  • Rugged Modular Construction
  • Digital Inputs
  • Analogue Inputs with programmable gain amplifier
  • High ESD immunity for all digital and analog inputs
  • IRIG-B time acquisition
  • Standard serial digital interfaces: CAN, USB, Ethernet and UART
  • IRIG 106 Chapter 10 real-time streams
  • Multiplex High Definition (HD) video source into a fixed bit rate PCM stream

Mechanically additional stackable modules can be mount on top of the DTS-300-MB to expand capabilities for high-speed serial data interfaces, fast sample rate analog and discrete data acquisition channels.


Easy configuration setup is accomplished via a telemetry user application with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), that is additionally coupled with ground processing capabilities. A unique set of programmable PCM Frame and parameters is applied to both, decoder and encoder units, simplifying test engineering work.


Isolated digital and analog inputs block high voltage, isolate grounds and prevent noise currents from entering the local ground and interfering with or damaging sensitive circuitry.


DTS-300MB can merge Chapter 10 packets with async serial data such as CANBus messages and video MPEG-2/H.264 into the PCM Stream.